Qualify for and complete the 2024 American Solar Challenge by improving Car 1.5 efficiency and reliability

Continue to accelerate progress by leveraging our learnings and proven fortitude from building Car 1

Build Car 2 to race in FSGP 2025 and win ASC 2026​

Team Structure

Badger Solar Racing is made up of more than 60 undergraduate, and graduate students. To keep our work on track and organized we are split into many sub-teams, under three main categories.


We are a registered student organization with the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Our organizations goal is to design, build and test a car to compete in the American Solar Challenge.

Made up of a majority of undergraduate students, we put our efforts forth to this organization to better ourselves as well as to contribute to the development of a future mode of transportation we believe in.

All of our efforts are made possible by our generous donors, who we cannot thank enough.