About Badger Solar Racing

We are a registered student organization at the University of Wisconsin–Madison that competes in the American Solar Challenge.

Made up of undergraduate and graduate students of various disciplines, any students who are interested in contributing to a new mode of transportation can join!

Team Goals:

Qualify for and complete the 2024 American Solar Challenge by improving Car 1.5 efficiency and reliability

Continue to accelerate progress by leveraging our learnings and proven fortitude from building Car 1

Build Car 2 to race in FSGP 2025 and win ASC 2026​

Our History:

  • Solar Car I - Competition and Rebranding

    After finishing their solar car, Helios, the day before scrutineering and having first drive the day before the Electrek FSGP, the team makes it to the track on Electrek FSGP Day 1, completes 92 laps around the track throughout the competition, and takes home the Rookie of the Year award. Now an established solar car team, Badgerloop rebrands itself as Badger Solar Racing.

  • Solar Car I - Manufacturing

    Finishing validation and manufacturing with the goal of competing in the Summer 2023 Formula Sun Grand Prix

  • Solar Car I - Manufacturing Begins

    Applied new knowledge from FSGP to the designs and started validation and manufacturing.

  • Solar Car I - Design Continues

    Sent members to Summer 2022 Formula Sun Grand Prix to get familiar with the event and learn from the other teams.

  • Solar Car I - Design Continues

    After getting more experience with the scope of the project, the design cycle was shifted to a 2 year cycle.

  • Solar Car I - Design

    Goal: Complete a minimum viable product solarcar to compete in the Summer 2022 Formula Sun Grand Prix

  • Badgerloop Pivoted

    After a global pandemic and radio silence from the Hyperloop Competition Committee, Badgerloop executives make the decision to participate in the American Solar Challenge.